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Locals Only


Want to go loco and feel like a real local? Then get yourself the Premium Package 


The Premium Package includes invite links to various Whatsapp Groups around Mexico, helpful Whatsapp Numbers (for example a Laundry Pick Up Service), a link to the up-to-date event-calendar of Tulum, and lastly, my Google Maps List of favorite places around Mexico.

Wanna hear more?

  • Whatsapp Groups

    If you’re traveling alone and are ready to meet people, then the Whatsapp groups are perfect for you. You will have several invite links to groups like the “Mexico City Foodie” Group, where they host 1-2 meetups per week. You just go for lunch or dinner together and meet a ton of people every week.

  • Whatsapp Numbers

    I rented scooters in both Tulum and Puerto Escondido, for very reasonable prices. I included both of their numbers, plus the laundry pick up service I used in Mexico City to have my clothes picked up and delivered express.

  • Tulum Event Calendar

    The nightlife in Tulum can be overwhelming, with all the different events going on. During my time in Tulum I always used the up-to-date calendar from Privé to find the hottest events of the week. In this package, you will get the link to this calendar.

  • Google Maps List

    Lastly, my Google Maps list is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to have the best of the best cafes/restaurants/gems already at their disposal without having to move a finger. You’ll have the best cafes, restaurants, hotels, beaches etc. that I mentioned in the guide, all saved into one convenient place. So instead of having to search and add them individually, my list will save you all of that time to go and enjoy this beautiful country. Just go into Google Maps, find which of the recommended spots is closest to you, then off you go without having to do any guesswork.


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Wasting countless hours planning your Mexico-Trip?

    Don’t settle for a mediocre trip to Mexico. Make the most out of your travels and create unforgettable memories with the Locals Only Package.

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