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Social Media Design

It’s no secret that images generate more attention than text, and nowadays, social platforms are often the first place consumers come to discover brands. Investing in Social Media Design helps brands build recognition and create new types of content that resonate with their target audience. On Social Media, your content must stand out against the competition.

The good news is that standout Social Media graphics are the best tools in your arsenal to create memorable, engaging content. Social Media Design acts as an enhancement to your content. That’s exactly why I design awesome graphics and templates for your Social Media.

It helps you present, and facilitate the messages you want to get across, in a more visually appealing and engaging way. So whether it be because you don’t have enough content for your Social Media, you want to present boring things like numbers, or simply because you want more variety in your posts. This option is perfect for you.


First, I evaluate your current audience on your current social channels (Instagram, Twitter, etc.). I conduct target audience research in order to understand who is currently following your content and what they are looking for. This information allows me to create the most effective Social Media Designs for your brand.


Second, I choose the best platform to reach your audience. I research many Social Media platforms that would work well for your brand, then I decide on a few based on what your competitors are doing, and what is popular within your industry and target audience. For example, food recipes perform well on Pinterest, so while it makes sense for a food brand to invest in that platform, it won’t be as important for, say, a kid's shoe brand. Please do not assume you should only use the most popular social platforms for your brand, because this might lead you to miss opportunities on other platforms with niche audiences that might have been perfect for your brand.


Third, I evaluate the types of content that perform best on those platforms. Understanding your audience and which Social Media platforms they spend time on, allows me to focus my efforts on what types of content to create and how that content should be designed. Some examples of the types of content I create are themed flyers/templates for sales days and special promotions, profile branding banners, cover images, and other Social Media graphics for special events.

some examples



favors imagery and video


favors sharing article links


favors short messages and clips


favors images with text

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